What we do

We combine deep identity expertise in policy, technology and markets with practical insights to help clients solve identity and biometric challenges
Testing is vital to the success of a biometric system. It helps customers to meet business requirements and to demonstrate the functionality and strengths of the system. Ingenium has a standards-based approach to testing and evaluation and partners with the National Physical Laboratory and the University of Kent to deliver our test and evaluation services, with over 50 year combined experience in performance and security testing of biometric systems. In addition to performance testing, Ingenium has a wealth of experience in presentation attack vulnerabilities and can provide support to customers through the testing of biometric systems against a wide range of presentation attacks, including the development of new attacks, targeting specific presentation attack detection techniques or technology. In addition, we can provide wider cyber security advice and testing for biometric systems. Ingenium testing services can evaluate a biometric system in various ways including measuring: False non-match rate (FNMR), False match rate (FMR) and Impostor attack presentation match rate (IAPMR). We have a broad portfolio of testing services, ranging from a desk-based review of customer data, through standardised/approved testing to added value, bespoke and targeted testing, depending on the customer’s requirements.
Research and Development
Key to the delivery of biometric services is the maintenance of an up-to-date understanding of threats and vulnerabilities for biometric systems, particularly around presentation attack detection. This lies at the core of our research and development strategy, and informs both the delivery of consultancy and test services, as well as maintaining our wider knowledge base on biometric technologies. Ingenium uses a security-focused knowledge of biometric technologies. Key to this is maintaining up-to-date understanding of threats and vulnerabilities for biometric systems – this is essential to the delivery of consultancy services, for the testing of performance (particularly around presentation attack detection) and in meeting requirements for accreditation. This requires the understanding of attacks against different modalities, the current state of the art in detection methods, and to maintain and develop presentation attack capability against the main modalities of interest (fingerprints, face, voice, iris). Ingenium has significant experience in researching biometric vulnerabilities and this will be extended and developed as the company develops.
Our consultancy is based on extensive experience working in government, security and commercial sectors. We can manage the initial engagement to assess customer requirements, through product evaluation, to final sign off. We provide advice and guidance for the implementation of biometric authentication systems, including the provision of detailed advice on specific technologies, security considerations, incremental testing and evaluation. We are also able to offer advice on national and international regulatory and legislative landscapes, together with pre-sales consultancy and market analysis across both the broad public and private sectors. An important function we provide is the link between customer and vendor to help the customer understand exactly what the technology provides and to help the vendor engage and work with non-expert customers.
In support of all the other services that Ingenium offers, we are able to offer a wide range of training services. We can offer company, or sector-specific training packages for all common biometric modalities. Training can be delivered in a number of ways: face-to-face, interactive, online and self-managed training.