What we do

We combine deep identity expertise in policy, technology and markets with practical insights to help clients solve identity and biometric challenges
Ingenium offers a comprehensive range of biometric tests that are tailored to the needs of each client and designed to rigorously assess the state of the technology through the lenses of performance, security, and quality. Our test strategy is designed to provide a detailed and thorough evaluation of biometric and document authentication technology systems, providing assurance to services that their products work as required and supporting the system vendors and system integrators in demonstrating the strengths of their products through rigorous, focussed testing.

Independent testing and assurance is vital to the success of biometric and document authentication systems. It helps customers to meet business requirements and to demonstrate the functionalities and strengths of their systems. Ingenium has a standards-based approach to testing and evaluation that includes performance, presentation attack detection, security and equity testing. We provide a broad and deep set of testing services, based on a collaborative approach to the independent evaluation of systems. This ranges from a desk-based review of customer data, through standardised/approved testing, to high value, bespoke and targeted testing. Our approved testing includes supporting customers to show compliance with testing requirements from organisations including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, The FIDO Alliance, UK Government’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

Ingenium’s biometric and document authentication vulnerability testing provides a flexible and thorough security evaluation of systems against a range of presentation attacks. This includes applying specific test standards, development of new attacks, or targeting specific presentation attack detection techniques or technology, depending on the customer’s requirements. In addition, we can also provide wider cyber security advice and testing for biometric and document authentication systems.

Fundamental to assessing biometric and document authentication systems is determining whether they are equitable for all demographic groups. We provide testing to specifically evaluate systems against possible demographic and other algorithmic biases.
Research and Development
Key to the delivery of robust and secure biometric and document authentication services is an up-to-date understanding of threats and vulnerabilities to a system, particularly around presentation attack detection. This forms the core of our research and development strategy, informing the delivery of consultancy and test services, and underpinning our wider biometric and document authentication technology expertise.

Our biometric research and development supports the understanding of attacks against different modalities, current state of the art in detection methods, and the capability to develop and maintain a presentation attack capability against a broad range of biometric modalities (face, fingerprint, iris, voice, behavioural, vein and other modalities).

Ingenium’s research in biometric and documentation authentication vulnerabilities enables us to provide a structured and targeted programme to both support the testing of products and support customers in their product development phase. We also work with customers to develop new and novel attacks, update and modify existing attacks to work in new ways and against new applications, and exercise the security features of biometric and identity systems to demonstrate the systems strengths and weaknesses in the market.
Our consultancy is based on extensive experience working in government, security and commercial sectors. We provide advice and guidance for the implementation of biometric authentication systems and identity technologies, including the provision of detailed advice on specific technologies, security considerations, incremental testing and evaluation. We are able to offer advice on national and international regulatory and legislative landscapes, together with pre-sales consultancy and market analysis across both the broad public and private sectors. An important function we provide is the link between customer and vendor to help the customer understand exactly what the technology provides and to help the vendor engage and work with non-expert customers.
Ingenium offers a wide range of training services, including company, or sector-specific training packages for all common biometric modalities. Training can be delivered in a number of ways: face-to-face, interactive, online and self-managed training.