Security & defence

Identity technologies are used across the security and defence industry to facilitate or enhance access control, cybersecurity, forensics, and personnel management. Guaranteeing the accuracy and security of these identity technologies is critical to ensuring the overall integrity of a nation’s security.

Our security & defence services

Physical access control systems

We are the official test lab of the UK’s National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), offering testing of biometric-enabled physical access control systems.

Risk management

Nation’s today face increasingly complex risks from a range of threat actors seeking to operate undetected. A thorough risk assessment of a nation’s identity-related defences can help uncover vulnerabilities, understand attack vectors and establish relevant protections.

Novel & sopisticated attack vectors

Biometric systems are vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated attacks. The proactive development and testing of novel and sophisticated attacks can help security and defence services understand their exposure and take measures fortify systems against vulnerabilities. 

We offer a range of services to help security & defence services make informed decisions about biometric and identity systems

Independent testing services

  • Become a supplier to the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA)
  • Minimise performance and security  errors that can result in unauthorised personnel gaining access to controlled areas
  • Provide assurance to stakeholders that an identity technology is secure against increasingly complex attacks such as AI-generated deep fakes and injection attacks

Research & advisory services

  • Identify current and future attack vectors through an in-depth risk assessment
  • Ensure interoperability of an identity technology with existing databases and systems