National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) has announced an updated process for companies offering biometric products for physical access control to be featured in the Catalogue of Security Equipment. National Protective Security Authority, formerly the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, is the national technical authority in the United Kingdom for physical and personnel protective security, maintaining expertise in counter terrorism as well as state threats.

The Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE), maintained by NPSA, serves as a comprehensive repository essential for NPSA partners. NPSA works with partners to target and harden the UK’s economy, infrastructure, industries and crowded places. NPSA undertakes this through campaigns, training, guidance, and advice offering, which includes helping organisations of all sizes and sectors to recognise, identify and mitigate security risks by implementing proportionate and practical protective security measures.  One of the offerings is the assurance of products and the maintenance of the CSE.

NPSA aims to enhance the overall security infrastructure by ensuring that only rigorously tested and approved biometric access control products find their place in the CSE. This initiative not only strengthens the security posture of entities but also fosters innovation and reliability within the biometrics industry.

As part of this initiative, NPSA has outlined a transparent process for vendors seeking inclusion of their biometric access control products in the Catalogue of Security Equipment. Interested companies are required to submit their systems to the NPSA approved test lab for an evaluation against the NPSA test standard.

NPSA’s test standard, titled ‘Biometric Authentication in Automatic Access Control Systems,’ delineates operational requirements, strengths and weaknesses, threats associated with biometric systems, and performance measurements. This standard  encompasses system design and construction, guidance on selecting a biometric modality, and considerations for installation and maintenance. The standard has been specifically crafted for the biometric access control vendor community, addressing both access control and biometric capability aspects, with particular emphasis on security of biometric-enabled AACS systems.

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About National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) 

The UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel Protective Security. NPSA works with partners in government, police, industry and academia to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure.

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