Alastair Treharne


Alastair is an expert advisor on digital identity with a background in business, political and security risk, working on UK and international initiatives across the humanitarian, development, public and private sector and a co-founder of Ingenium Biometric Laboratories. Alastair’s work has recently focused on digital identity, biometrics, identity fraud and cybersecurity. He advises clients across industry including banking, insurance, asset management, and private equity; UK Government, United Nations and World Bank; US federal agencies including the US Treasury, the United States Digital Service, Department for Homeland Security; the Australian Government and European Commission eID activities.

Alastair is presently an expert digital identity advisor to the UK Government. He is a senior adviser to the UK’s Minister responsible for digital identity, the Director responsible for digital identity, the Home Office, Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, and the NHS’s digital identity service. His roles include being responsible for developing the identity standards for the UK Government, and the UK Government’s trust framework for digital identity, which has included working with a broad section of UK and international financial services companies, institutions, and regulators. He has led the work with HM Treasury, JMLSG and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that has reflected digital identity best practice in global and national financial services guidance and legislation. His recent work has also included designing the national digital identity fraud prevention model  leading work with civilian, law enforcement and security partners to understand and mitigate the business and technical risks and threats to the identity services.

Alastair sits on a number of identity expert groups at International Organisation for Standardisation, Open Identity Foundation, Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the FIDO Alliance, and Open Identity Exchange. He is also presently a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on digital identity.