Document authentication

Ingenium offers a range of document authentication technology testing, research and development, and advisory services

In person checks of identity documents supported by technology and remote checks of identity documents is a popular way for organisations to validate a users identity before they access a service, site, or cross a border.

Document authentication technology solutions check different features on identity documents including the chip, format, image, and the consistency of information to determine whether the document is genuine. Historically, limited government and industry-defined approaches to validating the performance and security of document authentication technology has led to concerns over variances in the accuracy, reliability and security of these solutions. Our document authentication technology testing can help organisations better understand and build confidence in their document authentication solutions.

There are two main areas of assessing a system: security and performance


Document authentication technology security testing helps vendors and buyers ensure their document authentication solutions can identify false, counterfeit, forged or invalid documents.


Document authentication technology performance testing helps vendors and buyers ensure that their document authentication solutions are accurate, reliable and perform well across a variety of global document types.

Types of testing

Internal testing & review

Methodology review

Data sets

Industry standard testing

FIDO Alliance

Bespoke testing

Research and development

Our document fraud experts work to monitor emerging trends in document counterfeiting present across social media sites, the dark web and deep web. We maintain a capability to develop new and novel attacks that target specific system functionalities and rigorously exercise the security of a document authentication system.

Advisory services

We provide advice on the implementation of document authentication technologies and identity technologies, including the provision of detailed advice on specific technologies, security considerations, threat and risk analysis, procurement evaluation, and designing ongoing assurance models for services.

We are able to offer advice on national and international regulatory and legislative landscapes, and market analysis across both the broad public and private sectors.

An important function we provide is the link between customer and vendor to help the customer understand exactly what the technology provides and to help the vendor engage and work with non-expert customers.