Border control & immigration

Identity technologies play a key role in providing safe and efficient border management. Ensuring an identity technology meets strong identification, security, and usability requirements and is able to integrate into existing systems without exposing vulnerabilities will be key as borders around the world begin to digitise.

Our border control & immigration services

Security & performance

A biometric system’s performance is highly consequential in a border environment. Minimising performance limitations or environmental factors that result in person being misidentified or unidentified is key to security and efficiency at the border.


In a border environment, a diverse range of ethnicities and ages are present. A biometric system must perform equitably across all demographics to ensure all persons are correctly identified and processing of individuals remains efficient. 

Age estimation

An increasingly common use case for age estimation technology is its deployment in border control and immigration use cases, particularly where individuals arrive at the border with no or limited documentation. Age estimation technology can be a useful tool for helping officials make decisions on how to process individuals who appear to be underage or near adulthood.

Procurement & system integration

A biometric system may only be a small component in a larger border digitisation project. Evaluating that system’s ability to successfully integrate is dependent on its scalability, interoperability and compliance procedures.

Document authentication

Today, fraudulent documents are widely available on all corners of the internet from the dark web to popular social media sites. To ensure the security of a nation’s border, it is important that document authentication technology can effectively spot fraudulent documents. Furthermore, for in-person document checks, it is important that officials are properly trained to identify false or forged fraudulent documents.

Ingenium offers a range of services to help border control & immigration organisations make informed decisions about biometric and identity systems

Independent testing

  • Minimise performance and security errors for biometric and document authentication technology that can result in the incorrect identification of individuals at the border
  • Assess and mitigate identity technology vulnerabilities present at border environments such as harsh or variable lighting, weather exposure or suboptimal image capture angles
  • Assess and mitigate bias and discrimination in an identity technology’s performance across different nationalities
  • Assess the accuracy of age estimation technology

Research & advisory services

  • Ensure scalability and speed of a solution to accommodate large volumes of travellers
  • Ensure interoperability of an identity technology with existing databases and systems 
  • Ensure identity technologies are secure in the handling of personal data


  • Ensure staff are capable of identifying fake or fraudulent documents