We offer a range of biometric testing, research and development, and advisory services

Biometric testing refers to the assessment and measurement of systems that evaluate the unique physical or behavioural characteristics of an individual for the purpose of identification or authentication


  • Biometric security testing helps organisations and technology developers ensure that their biometric solutions are robust and resistant to potential threats. Biometric security testing includes two types of testing; presentation attack detection and injection attack testing. Security testing examines the ability of a system to detect threats
  • Presentation attacks are deliberate attempts to mimic another person’s biometric at the biometric sensor
  • Injection attack testing is an attempt to bypass the biometric sensor by injecting data into the biometric system


  • Biometric performance testing helps organisations and technology developers ensure that their biometric solutions are accurate, reliable and fit for purpose
  • The evaluation of system performance and the assessment of overall system reliability are important to biometric systems to make sure that they meet the requirements of the use case and application in which they are being implemented 
  • Performance testing can also help uncover bias and ensure a system is equitable across all demographics 

Types of testing

Internal testing & review

Methodology review

Data sets

Creation of testing artefacts

Industry standard testing

National Protective Security Authority (NPSA)

FIDO Alliance


IBL standard testing

IBL PAD testing

IBL performance testing

IBL quality testing

Bespoke testing

Research and development

We work with customers to research and develop new and novel attacks, update and modify existing attacks to work in new ways against new applications, and exercise the security features of biometric systems to demonstrate the systems strengths and weaknesses within the market.

Advisory services

We provide advice on the implementation of biometric systems and identity technologies, including the provision of detailed advice on specific technologies, security considerations, threat and risk analysis, procurement evaluation, and designing ongoing assurance models for services. We offer advice on national and international regulatory and legislative landscapes, and provide market analyses for public and private sectors use cases.

Lastly, we provide a unique link between customers and vendors, helping customers understand exactly what a vendor’s technology provides and to helping vendors engage and work with non-expert customers.