Age estimation

Ingenium offers a range of age estimation technology testing, research and development, and advisory services

Age estimation testing refers to the assessment and evaluation of technologies designed to estimate or predict a person’s age

Testing involves evaluating the accuracy and reliability of the age estimation algorithms or models. This is done by comparing the predicted age with the actual or known age of individuals in a given dataset. Testing can help suppliers refine their algorithms, identify potential limitations and improve the overall performance and fairness of their age estimation system. As an emerging technology, regulatory and ethical guidelines increasingly play a role in shaping the use cases for age estimation technology.

Types of testing

Internal testing & review

  •  Assessment of test methodology against regulations, national and international standards

Bespoke testing

  • To support new product innovation, niche procurement process, challenging use cases, technical due diligence for financial investors, product launch into new markets, increased harm and high net worth use cases

Research and development

We are at the forefront of innovation in the age estimation space. In November of 2023, Ingenium was awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant which will support our further research and development effort in the age estimation space. Read the full press release here

Advisory services

We provide advice on the implementation of age estimation technologies, including the provision of detailed advice on specific technologies, security considerations, threat and risks analysis, procurement evaluation, and designing ongoing assurance models for services.

We are able to offer advice on national and international regulatory and legislative landscapes, and market analysis across both the broad public and private sectors.

An important function we provide is the link between customer and vendor to help the customer understand exactly what the technology provides and to help the vendor engage and work with non-expert customers.